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Hi All,

I want to maintain a nice display setup in my bedroom.

As a result of the limited space, I have been reduced to choosing a 2 1/2 foot tank with cabinet and hood as my only option. mad.gif

Currently I have a gold spotted gibbiceps, and a gold plecostomus at approx the 12cm mark, with a piece of driftwood for them to rasp on. smile.gif

The tanks dimensions are 30 x 14 x 18 and am running two filters, an eheim 2213, and an aqua clear 200, along with a dual air stone pump.

Since I want a nice colourful tank, and really would like malawi peacocks, what are my options? What species would colour nicely? Would the aggression be ovewrwhelming for a tank of this size? Would i be better off putting a colony of hongies or maingano's?

PLEASE HELP. blush.gif

Thankyou smile.gif

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i have a similar sized tank.

i kept a trio plus some young fish of electric yellows. the main reason that i was able to do this was i had about 2 buckets full of river rocks about the size of small rockmelons. i had them piled in one rear corner to the front, half way accros the back and almost to the surface of the water. i don't think i explained that very well but hopefully you understand. this way there was plenty of places for females and youngsters to hide or have a break from the male.

you could probally get away with a similar set up and could keep a trio of most of the pecocks which are a bit smaller.

hope this helps


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at one stage i had a rather large venustus, an adult electric blue electric yellow and orange pulu point (think that's what it was called, a bit brain dead atm)

bimbo where can i get those riverstones from? unsure.gif

Anybody else have some ideas? please let me know blush.gif

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