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setting up a fry tank?


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hi all...

Got myself a 15litre fry tank to try put my many Lab. sp hongi and Cobalt Blue fry in.

I set it up yesterday and had 4 "accessible" fry (about 1 week old, if that) in a breeding net where the female had spat them, in the main tank, which I was going to put in the fry tank first. I released her back into the main tank and set the fry tank up with same water from main tank.

I used an airstone, heater (water at 26C) and a FLUVAL 1plus as the filter - it created a bit of current, but thought it should be OK as there is a plant pot for the fry to hide in and escape the turbulence.

They seemed ok when I went to bed last night, but i woke up this morning to find they had all been sucked into the filter! sadsmiley02.gifsadsmiley02.gif They had died - poor little things! Bugger! sadsmiley02.gif

Now… before I go and catch the remaining 15 or so fry from the mian tank and transfer them - all different sizes… what is a better way to set this fry tank up? Ditch the filter and just run an airstone and do a few water changes a week?

Any help would be great! I don't want to make the same stupid mistake again!


thanks in advance!

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i think the best thing to do would be to take out the fluval and just use a sponge filter ive had fry sucked into filters before and went for the sponge filter a little more maintenance is required to keep the tank cleen but your fish will thank you for not killing them

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I would definitely go with one of those cheap air stone powered sponge filters. Any power filter will cause too much current for a 15 litre tank. sad.gif

With that much current if you tried to feed them all the food would have gone into the filter before the fry even got to it. unsure.gif

Just be careful because sometimes if the fry are adventurous they can get themself into the sponge. wink.gif

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mbuna> No, not overly sure they didn't die first as was out last night and couldn't watch them. I did try to minimise the air contact when i did the transfer from main tank as i know that this is what can kill them... used an ice cream tub to do transfer from breeding net to main tank then to fry tank with same water.

Im off now to get a cheap songe filter from the LFS.

definately a hard lesson to learn! sad.gif

thanks all for your help and suggestions - keep them coming! smile.gif

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Hi sab,

Sorry to hear about your deaths. I use the blue triangular (air driven) sponge filters in my fry tanks. They are very efficient, cheap, safe and the fry spend part of the day picking food off them. The sponge consistency is very fine, and it is impossible for fry to become trapped in them.


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thanks merjo! smile.gif

I just got back from the LFS and picked up an airdriven sponge filter. Made by Heto - see pic below.

Am going to seed it in the main tank for a few days before swaping to fry tank, and then try and catch most of the fry from the main tank and pop them in the smaller tank.

Some good news is that two (of my four) female hongis are holding again! They weren't yesterday!! smile.gif

And one of my Cobalt Blue females is holding for the second time!

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