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Rays... some pic to drool at!


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if you thought that tank was awesome check this tank out


its 27,000 litres and the owner of the tank is standing in front its 4.4m long and its even got some cichla temensis and a saratoga in it

if you go to the above link Kev posted and go to home it will give you a list of other fishkeepers and their tanks

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youd need enough external filtration to pump the entire tank through 3 times an hour.

so if you have a 1200 litre tank you need 2 external otto 1800 l/p hour filters and the dude at the aquarium wholesaler said with external filters a 25 percent water change every 2 weeks is adequate. now thats alot lower maintenance than my current 3 tanks that i change 25-50 percent every 7-10 days.

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