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Sick pseudotropheus zebra albino


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Sick pseudotropheus zebra albino


- cramped fins (every fin)

- shimmying

- keeps to himself in bottom of tank, not much swimming, however, when other fish approach him he goes crazy, does spasm-like shimmy shakes, and chases them away before going randomly crazy all over the tank, then retreats back to his open space. The other 2 big cichlids have their own territory but this one seems to sit out in the open which is strange.

- NOT breathing heavy

- No obvious marks/spots (he is albino though, hard to see

- Not rubbing himself on anything

- IS still feeding, however i;m not sure how eagerly

- Not obviously bloated

He is in a big enough tank with 7 other cichlids, 3 different species. There are 2 other albinos in there but they are much smaller than him.

No other fish in the tank is behaving similarly, they are all happy and feeding well.

Water quality is great, frequent weekly water changes. Other fish very happy.

What is going on????

CHEERS! :thumbup:

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Just wanted to comment further, ive been observing his behaviour closely:

- he is ravenously hungry - when food dropped in he immediately goes and eats it, darting around

- his movements are VERY erratic.. he shimmies around, goes basically CRAZY when disturbed, and goes crazy when food it put in.

When he is left alone he sits still with fins clamped

i am very concerned

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it could just be stress dude. are there plenty of places for him to hide? you mention the fish also have territories. do they defend them savagely?

try re arranging the tank decor so new territories have to be made. he may have a chance then :p

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