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serial sev killer


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hi guys just wondering if any of you have any idea what is happening to my old severum female.OK now my sister got this female severum to go with her male and a few days after they spawned her got sick with pop eye and died few days later.So then she gave it to me to put in my 6 ft tank and 3 times she spawned with another sev few days later same thing happened and one of them was a female now i have given her to a mate and it has just happened again.She is fine and a nice looking fish does anyone have any ideas?

cheers russ

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get rid of her.... shes a stalker, she oviously hates males....get rid of her!!!!

she's a wolf(cichlid) in sevs clothing...there is enough oestrogen in the environment now without a male killer out there...shes a "fish fatale"......do her slowly with lima beans and a nice cianti....

hows everthing else going russ?

still on your knees?


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