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Can anyone help....


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Hello everyone,

After doing a water change this morning, just as i have done every week and not doing anything differently, all of a sudden my Big Red Top male looks to be very sick.

He is swimming in corkscrew patterns, all over the place, not really looking good. He is upside down, right way up and just really looks to be on his way out...almost like a seisure or like he's having a fit. Then he settles down and swims normally and acts like nothing has happened and then, as if someone flicks a switch, he acts up again with his "seisure" type behaviour. And also his eyes get all buldgey and all over the place.

Every other fish (15 of them) are normal, aswell as the fry which are in a fry saver. He is the only one that is doing this.

I've taken him out and placed him in an aerated bucket with a salt bath solution for now.

Has anyone experienced anything like this???? Any ideas??? :confused::confused:


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