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My new tank


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Thanks for your comments guys,

The tank is 2x2x8 and has a canister and a mini reef totaling 9500 liters of filtration per hour.

The tank has only had water in it for 3-4 weeks! and although it looks like there are no fish in it at the time of the photo it had no less than 35 fish. It had 11 electric yellows, 8 frontosas, 2 leilupi, 4 black calvus, common bn, 3 gibbiceps, 1 cobalt blue. However there were so many hiding places that all the fish were constantly hiding.

Every person that saw the tank would say "are there any fish in it?.

so I had enough and put another 5 polystigmas, 4 red empress 4 cobalt blues and now the tank looks like it is teaming with fish. I think that the polystigmas seem to give the other fish confidence that the environment is safe, and everyone is out.

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Sweet setup mate,the water looks crystal clear,love it.

you know I really wanted to buy some of your tropheus for this tank but I had spent so much money already so I i just took fish i had at home.

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