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Sick Clownies


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Hi Everyone,

My friend's clownies have a disease and he would greatly appreciate help determining what it is to be sure he uses the right medication. Please click on the image below for a large photo of the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

IPB Image

IPB Image

1. Description of the symptoms, obvious signs of disease and behaviour of your fish. (wounds, nodules, erratic movement/breathing, feeding pattern etc.)

Small dots on forehead above eyes, about 1/4 size of pin-head at most. This morning some fish also had white strings coming off their dorsal and pectoral fins. Only about 2 strings at most per fish. Each string was white, very thin and about 3-10mm in length. I'm fairly sure I saw one string come off and float away as a fish swam quickly. Now all strings are gone.

No other signs of distress. All fish a active and seeking food as usual.

2. List the fish that are exhibiting the above symptoms/behaviour: genus and species name. (some diseases and health concerns are more prevalent in certain types of fish)

Clown loaches are the only fish with noticeable symptoms.

3. When and how did the symptons/behaviour start? (when and how did you first notice the problem)

Small dots on forehead may have been present for about a week or more. Strings on fins were only noticeable today.

4. How old are the affected/sick fish? (age can also be a determining factor)

I have had the clowns for about 6 years. They are approx 12cm in length.

5. Have any new fish been added to the tank? (if "yes", when were they added, how many, from where did they originate and what type of fish were they?)

3 harlequin rasboras about 10 days ago, after two weeks in quarantine tank. A couple of months ago a German Ram, 2 kuhli loaches, some neon and cardinal tetras.

6. Has anything 'special' happened recently? (eg. water change, power failure, change of water conditioners/addition of chemicals, new plants/decor/substrate, treatment for other diseases, been away for a few days, house painted/fumagated, new pets, grand children banging on the glass etc.)

Did water change 2 days before strings appeared on fins. About 20% change. Filter media in powerhead filter rinsed in water from aquarium. New log added to tank after soaking for 5 weeks at same time as water change. Accidentally overfed 3 days ago.

7. What are the water parameters? (where relevant)

- pH = 6.0

- kH =

- gH =

- Temp = 28 Degrees Celsius (now raised to 30)

- O2 content =

- CO2 additions =

- NH3 = 0

- NO2 =

- NO3 =

- Metals (copper, iron, lead) =

8. Describe the aquarium and its contents (age, size, filter size/capacity, rocks/substrate/coral type, fish and plant species still in the tank)

Standard 4 foot tank. Clown Loaches, with mostly tetra like fish (neons, cardinals, harlequin rasboras) as well as two small Pakistani Loaches, 4 Kuhli Loaches, a German Ram and a Bristlenose. Substrate is black gravel. Otherwise there are rocks and driftwood with a few plants.

9. When was the water last changed and how much was changed? (include description of procedure)

20% two days ago. Siphoned out using hose/gravel vacuum. Water treated with Prime before filling up tank.

10. When was the filter last cleaned? (describe procedure followed)

Powerhead was cleaned during water change using aquarium water to rinse sponges. Eheim canister filter wool was probably replaced about two months ago. Filter media was rinsed in aquarium water at this time.

11. What brand and type of food has been used over the past month? (include treats/live foods/vegetables)

Colour Bits, Algae Tablets, Frozen Blood Worms and Frozen Brine Shrimp. Both frozen foods have been sterilised prior to purchase.

Thanks for any help!

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Agree with D6C1, it looks like white spot.

If you are going to treat it with med, read the instruction carefully, most med you will only need to use half strength/ dosage for the clown loach.

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