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Hi all,

I'm in the process of setting up a new 2' tank (24"l x 12"w x 20"h) for my girlfriend. It's got a Fluval 205, 100w heater.. now i'm not new to fish keeping but havn't done it for a while. Edit: I do have the carbon running in the filter for a few days to take any real nasties out of the water that have come from the tank or filter/heater plastic parts ect.. i'll remove it before I start the cycle.

While buying some bits n pieces the and the lfs telling me I can just chuck all the fish in the same day as setting the tank up :blink I decided to ignore his advice and went to woolies and bought "Cloudy Ammonia" (Home Brand). I've given it a good shake (as I read if you do this and there is foam on top it may have additives in it) and it acts just like water, no bubbles .. foam or anything.. I've had a look at the label and it doesn't list any ingredients except ammonia 20% i think... is this safe to use?

Also I bought a bit of driftwood which looks to have been bleached/cleaned and was told to soak it in water for a week before using it in the tank, does anyone have any other advice?

I also don't know if I should add plants now, or after the tank has cycled?

Can anyone offer some good advice?

Cheers :thumbup:

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i wouldnt add anything like that to a fish tank. just add water and filter media from another tank if possible.

or wait a few days for the clorine to disipate and put swordtails or platys in there to get the cycle goin.


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I always boil my drift would, it kills any nasties and also gets rid of some on the tannin.

As for the ammonia, what exactly are you using that for?

I was planning on doing a fishless cycle using ammonia added every day as suggested here -> http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/fishless_cycling.php and on this board too...

I don't like the idea of cycling the tank with fish..

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