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Tank mates for SA Cichlids


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I am setting up a 72 X 24 X 18 tank which with have Geophagus & Severums. I would also like to add some dither fish to this set up and would like suggestions as to what to get. I really would like them to be from South America and to not be too large.


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Americans and not too large is tricky! I had the following in a 6x2x2 and all lived in absolute harmony....

3 Texas

3 Surinemensis

2 Green terrors

2 plecos

2 Green severums

2 Gold severums

When I sold them to Lams Parra they had never seen such a large beautiful Texas cichlid they told me ! sold within 24 hrs for $180 :lol4:

Wish I had that tank and those fish again now ! but was moving and didn't have space back then :(

All the best, my advice get them all small together! :thumbup:

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i have a school of Buenos Aires tetras with my severums. There are a few other large growing South American tetras that would suit, such as red eyes.

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I definately agree about the hatchetfish. There are some large spotted silver hatchetfish around a few of the LFS up here at the moment. http://www.fishbase.com/summary/SpeciesSum...FTOKEN=48925713

Another one to check out are Anostomus anostomus, Striped headstander. There are a number of species available, some smaller than others. http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/speciesSum...sname=anostomus

Also check out marbled headstanders, Abramites hypselonotus. http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/speciesSum...me=hypselonotus

You could try some of the higher bodied tetras like, Lemon tetras, Bleeding Heart tetras, Black Widow tetra, Balck & Red Phantom tetra, Diamond tetra, possibly Emperor tetras and the already mentioned Buenos Aires tetra.

As for other cichlids, possibly dwarf acaras, Laetacara curviceps or dorsigerus.

And catfish for the bottom. Bristlenose catfish and Royal Whiptail catfish both do a decent job of keeping algea under control. Corydoras catfish are good for cleaning up uneaten food, but you want to look for the larger species. As for other catfish, most are expensive to buy. Sailfin plecos look alright but grow big, and panaque maccus are the cheapest fancy plecos available in Australia.

That's about as much as I can think of at the moment.

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