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strip mangano


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usually when strpiing my fish, i leave the holding female in the tank for a good two weeks. by that time the fry should have developed and the egg should be completely gone.

i then would catch her and put her in a bucket in shallow water. by this time, she would have usually spt by herself, otherwise i strip

works all the time



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With mbuna, I usually wait for around 10-14 days

To strip fish I would usually:

- Get a small ice cream container and half fill it with water.

- Net the fish and let her sit in the ice cream container for a while

- Cup her in my hand (make sure you wet both hands before handling the fish)

- Use a toothpick to pry the jaws open gentley while holding her under water (be very careful not to break the jaw)

- Dip the fish in and out of the water to get the last remaining fry out.

Throughout the above process i usually let the fish rest in the container to give her a break depending how stressed she gets.

If there is still egg sack attached to the fry, I place them in a tumbler until free swimming.


Good Luck



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