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cichlid diet


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Yellow labs or Electric yellows are Omnivorous....meaning their diet consists of both vegetable and meat matter. High protein meat products like blood worms should be avoided though as it takes these guys a long while to digest these types of foods and can then rot and turn nasty inside their intestinal passages which can cause them harm.

Best to stick to foods which are mainly packed with vegetable matter and mixed specific proteins which the fish can digest easily.

Most quality foods designed for these fish, have a good balance of what is needed for their growth, health, colour and general well being....

Don't skimp on their food and don't take short cuts...

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While it is true that some of our cichlids are regarded as vegetarians, carnivores or omnivores, regardless of how they find their food our cichlids all require about the same amount of protein. These cichlid foods that are done up and packaged as a "vegetarian" fish food are just a coloured con.

The only dry staple food on the market that caters correctly for our cichlid's requirements is NLS.

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