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Sexing mainganos


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Anyone able to help?

Do the females have egg spots? :dntknw:

I make no guarantee on the accuracy, but a simple search on Google reveals:

The pattern is the same as for the real Melanochromis johanni males, the difference between the 2 males is that the johanni has deeper body while the maingano has a slender elongated body. Females have exactly the same colouration as males, females also have eggspots on their anal fins. The only difference that I could find between males and females that males tend to have pointy anal fins while the females rounded, also males have stronger colours.

Source: http://www.sydneycichlid.com/melanochromis-maingano.htm


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Yes females do have egg spots but they are usually alot smaller. Also if you catch the fish you will notice that the female will have 2 holes underneath. One is usually larger than the other and the male usually has a sort of smaller hole that looks like a little straight line. If they are the same age the females are also slightly smaller. I have also found that females are of a lighter blue colour than the males aswell.

Hope this helps :)

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