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L201 spawn


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I have a pair of L201 that have been spawning regularly.

I emptied the kittens out the cave tonight & couldn't believe my eyes, they just kept coming out.

Ended up with 26 fry in the frysaver. After putting the cave back in the tank I had a look inside and noticed another 2 still inside the cave. Thats 28 in total not counting 2 that got kicked out early in the piece & died.

All of my other spawns have been under 20 so far so I am pretty stoked with this effort.

Will try & get some pics up as they grow.

Thanks Dave

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Hi Mike

I have been growing my earlier spawns up to start another colony, some are touching 5cm now (Bloody slow to grow compared to L333 & L134). I am in the process of making some space for the new colony & will let you know when I am ready to sell some.

Thanks Dave

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Great sized spawn dave.

thats a good feeling huh, to see the little clones.

Did you do much now that they are regular spawners to make it happen?

can we get a pic or description of the set-up that works for you?



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Hi Karl

To be honest I have not been doing alot to get them to spawn. Initially I did some water changes with rain water purified with purigen. Have also used Black water extract & had them spawn a week later. Temp is 27 PH is about 7 (straight out of the tap).

I have a pair in a 24"x18"x18" tank with an aquaclear, 2 sponge filters & a powerhead to stir up bottom waste up.

I don't have my camera at the moment but will see what photo's I can dig up.

Cheers Dave

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