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Fert recommendations / Seachem substitutes?


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I have a 240l planted discus community tank. 3 standard fluros (110watts), I use Seachem excel, the std seachem fert and the iron supplement twice a week. No CO2 and 30 degrees. I can't remember the type of substrate, but it looks like small pieces of red clay (eco complete?).

Plants are generally low light plants - heavily planted with java fern, some crypts, anubias, a couple of swords, aponegetan and a lotus. All are doing Ok except the lotus, but this has recently picked up substantially since I added a fert tab to the substrate. I have 4 discus, 4 dwarf cichlids a couple of largish catties and a number of tetras.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to what ferts other than seachem I could use? I really like seachem but was wondering if there are comparable but cheaper products on the market. I assume I need no phosphates due to the fish load and I assume I should dose more with excel or a similar product as I have brush algae.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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