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Xenotilapia flavipinnis


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Hello all,

In the past i have had a few dramas with raising flavipinnis fry. I suspect that it may be that i strip the parents too early (about a week) and the fry simply cant cope. They last around a few weeks and then seem to simply turn over and die. :dntknw:

I have similar experiences with pleurospilus fry, however still manage to raise around half the batch. (I strip the parents after a week)

At the moment I have two pairs of flavipinnis that have been holding for around a week. They have just swapped the fry with the males.

Can anyone shed some light on when or if i should seperate these and raise them in a fry saver?

Im not sure if i should let the parents spit in the tank because i think the others will eat the fry.




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stripping them at a week is way to early IMO,

if you leave them with the parents for at least another week or even

abit longer the fry would be stronger and more developed .

if you keep an eye on them in her mouth you should be able to take them once the yoke is nearly gone

and they should start feeding


regards Brett

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