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Sick Schubunkin


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1. The fish is slightly bloated and just today has started being pushed to the top of the tank where he seems to be discomforted and then madly swims the tank for a few seconds before going back to the top

2. The fish is a Goldfish , speckly gold, black and red and i think its a Schubunkin

3. I noticed the problem Friday at 5.00pm by replanting their weed into the substrate

4. The fish is about five weeks old

5. There have been no new fish added to the tank since his arrival, the last fish that died would have been two weeks before this and i had my water checked and it was clean.

6. Nothing too special has occured recently , 1/4 water change just over a week ago. Used water conditioner, did PH and applied anti rust

7. What are the water parameters? (where relevant)

- pH = 6.9

- kH = Not sure

- gH = Not sure

- Temp = 15 degree celcius

- O2 content = Not sure

- CO2 additions =

- NH3 = Not sure

- NO2 = Not sure

- NO3 = Not sure

- Metals (copper, iron, lead) = Not sure

8. 6 year old tank, 4' standard, 1200 L /H Aqua Via canister filter, 2mm - 3mm pebbles, all gold fish and Thick Vella , Lilly and thin Vella)

9. Just over a week 1 /4 change of water

10. Filter changed approx 1 month? New wool, same noodles and bio balls, turned off for a few days

11. What brand and type of food has been used over the past month? Gold fish flakes only.

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maybe try some epsom salts, ive used it to treat an electric yellow

that was egg bound/bloated it helped get the s@#t out...

not to sure how it will affect your goldfish, as epsom salts will harden the


cichlids can tollerate the harder water, maybe best if you try your LFS


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cichlids can tollerate the harder water, maybe best if you try your LFS


Ill try the LFS thanks.

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