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Breeding Calvus


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Hey, can anyone advise me on the right environment for breeding black calvus. I have a pair (hopefully) that are at the right size for breeding, they seem to go through some sort of courting behaviour as well. I have had conflicting advice as to what to offer the pair to spawn in. One LFS advised shells for the female to spawn in and another advised rock formation to make caves that allow the female to go in and lay and protect the eggs but at the same time prevent the male from entering the cave and eating the eggs.

This hobby is full of conflicting information so I thought I would ask the experts. Any takers?


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hi Sean

if she can find a suitable crevis among the rocks, she will use it, as they do in the wild.

though most of us use shells or make "caves" out of peices of tile or slate that suit the size of the f/male.

fairly basic info but if you do some google searching you should find heaps of info

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