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Calvus quality dilema


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Hey there people, I think I already know the answer to my question, but I'll toss it out there anyway.

I have two male calvus. One is really dominant and doesn't tolerate the presence of the second. The dominant male is a beautiful fish, nice shape, except the bottom jaw is slightly, but noticeably, turned to the side. The top jaw is straight. The dominant is slightly smaller, thinner body but with perfect jaws.

I have removed the dom male from the females because of the bottom jaw, but sometimes have doubts as the subdom is pretty slow on the uptake with the ladies. The dom male was over at the shells zipping back and forth trying to attract a female when he shared their tank.

What would you do? Would you do as I have and removed the dom male on this occasion or not? I suppose I'll never know whether the turn to the bottom jaw is a genetic deformity or the result of an injury suffered when it was young.

Without a picture, the best I can describe the turn to the bottom jaw is to liken it to the hands on a clock, and it wouldn't even make 5 passed 12, more like 2 passed 12. As I said, the turn to the bottm jaw on the dom male is slight, but noticeable.



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Id say more then likely its an injury not a deformity but still by the time you have raised the fry long enough to see if it has been produced in its offspring alot of work and time has gone into it

Id say breed with your Sub male and keep the other one in another tank


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