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bristlenose spawn on the glass


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hey just thought id show yas all a pic from my last bn spawn it was a bit of a weird 1.

the pair spawned on the glass in the bottom corner of the tank.

has anyone else had this ever happen to them? i would like the hear your stories.

atleast 90% of the eggs hatched even ones that got moved away from where the male was fanning.

fry are goin good now at around 15mm TL

IPB Image

sorry for the bad pic quality.

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HEy had it happen to me a couple of times in my sump, bread in the back corner. didnt even know they were in there, till i lost a male and female, and went looking and found them in the sump sittin on eggs, good find i reckon

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I got the idea of my bristlenose caves form when my male bred on the glass at the back of my tank. (Granted mine was under a rock, but it was on the glass)

I moved the rock and leant it against the front glass and he bred there as well.

So much for my idea, it was the fish that worked it out not me!

cya Matthew

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