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how big can a light be in a 6 foot tank?


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Email Ben @ AoA & get the exact external dimentions of that unit, then measure the exact internal dimentions of your hood. If you have more than 2cm of clearance you're laughing, less & it could be tight.

For a friend's 6x2 that I'm helping setup atm we simply put two 4' batterns next to each other crossed over - that way replacement globes are cheap as chips from bunnings (6500k NEC or phillips, whatever is cheaper on the day)

Here's a pic...

IPB Image

Bunnings also supply these batterns with a cord attached so you can fit them yourself without aid of an electrician - though we wired up bare ones.

If you have to ask how to wire up the bare ones, don't even think of DIYing it.

This basic setup cost $30 including the pair of 6500k bulbs, the ones with cables that anyone can install would cost you about $50 including globes.

Hope this helps.

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does it matter what fluro housing you use? I have been down to the lfs and they have quoted me $495 for a 4 fluro setup!!!!

go age of aquariums they are half that price for 195 including shipping for 4 flure lights, ive decided not to mount the lights in the hood and the tank builder at ms aquariums moorbank said the light that hes suppling me for 240 will slide nicley on the hood so it wont be needed for my set up to be mounted, now im just decindg weather to get a sump or not

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