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kribensis losing colour


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I have a pair of Kribs in my 20g tank hoping that maybe they will breed.

The male seems to have lost its colour, almost like it has faded. The female, when we first put them in the smaller tank lost the crimson on her belly, but that came back after a settling in period, but the male is getting lighter.

any suggestions why this may be happening!!

BTW, water parameters are amonia - 0, nitrites - 0 and nitrates - 5.

They get fed flake food mostly, and then1 or 2 times a week frozen blood worms or frozen brine shrimp. They both have good appetites and seem to be getting on quite well, although there are no obvious signs (to this novice anyway) of spawning.

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Try feeding them blanched zucchini or cucumber, both with the seeds left in. In the wild more than 50% of their diet is made up of vegetable matter. If they have never had it before it may take them a while to get used to it. Mine loved it and were prolific breeders - it's also really good for growing fry.

Cheers, Cassandra.

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