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SA Cichlid companians and availability


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I am setting up a 72 x 18 x 24 tank and am planning on keeping a couple of Green Severum, Geophagus and maybe a coupe of Acara's.

Now to my question(s)

How many can I keep of each in this tank ? (I am running a sump/weir filtration.

What types of Geopahgus or Acara can I safely keep with Severum's ?

Where can I buy these fish in Sydney ? (My closest best shop is St George Aquariums.)

Iwould like to keep soem Surimensis and / or Tapajo's but don't think I have ever seen Orange Head Tapajo's for sale. or are they called something else?

Many Thanks for the advice.

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I have Geophagus Rio Tapajos Orange Heads for sale PM for a price if interested.

I would be very interested but at the moment I am in the early stages of tank set up as it has been in storage for the past 3 years. So I am about 3 months from buying any fish as yet.

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