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Water pump advice


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I am setting up a 72 X 18 X 24 tank with a weir & sump for SA Cichlids.

My last pump was a Pondmaster which I was very unhappy with.

I am now re setting up the tank and have been looking at either a Quiet One or an Ocean Runner 6500. and could do with some advice as to which one to go for. I need it to be relatively quiet and reliable.

Also what power pump would I need for this tank?


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OR are great pumps. I faced the same choice as well when I was after one for my 6x2x2 and I couldn't get feedback on the quiet one so I went OR. I have 2 now and they are great and I will go a for a third. :thumb



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nothing wrong with the Quiet One, except the price :lol3: but they are quality pumps.

Ocean Runner are not on the same shelf, but they are a good pump all the same. good pumps cost more to buy but are more economical to run

6500 lph should be all you need,

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I know nothing of the quiet one but have been impressed by the ocean runners.

You could also consider Laguna as an option, they are pretty darn good value for flow rate vs running costs.

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