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Hello Friends,

one of my little geos looks like it has bloat, big swollen belly, also there is a angel fish that looks like its developing pop eye.

i should also mention about 2 months ago i lost 5 kribs one at a time, i think to dropsy.

its a 4x2x2 450l

ph 6.8

ammonia 0ppm

nitrite nill

i do 25 - 30% weekly water change.

any help would be great



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the Fish is swimming and eating ,breathing just like any of the other fish. if you looked at it you would say there isn't a problem except the big belly and now the angel that has developed pop eye it making me ask a few more questions.

its been a month since i cleaned the canister filter i might check it out and see how much crap there is stuck in that.

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