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Stocking Tanks


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hey all

im going to start breeding some fish,some africans.

i have two 3x2x2 tanks for breeding and another two for grow out tanks and plenty of tanks for fry.

im thinking of electric yellow/blues and or alike.

just wondering what is a good male to female ratio for these size tanks.

cheers boydie

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1 male , 6 females works good for me with both yellows and blues.

Make sure ya have a good hiding spot for the male to chill out.

PVC pipe and terracotta pots work well


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I breed yellows in a 3ft also. Like "jeppry" said, 1 boy and a few girls - I have 4 girls which would be a minimum I reckon. Plus plenty of caves or pipe for them to hide and rest from the male's chasing.

Also one end of the tank that is cleared for a spawning site, I've found this helps too.

Any more than one boy and the dominant male gets distracted chasing the competitors rather than makin' with the lovin'! :wub

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