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Paratilapia polleni


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hi all

im wondering if anyone can help me PLEASE

I am searching for a pair of PARATILAPIA POLLENI but to no avail.

Could someone please tell me if they are still around or if anyone has them and wish s to sell them let me know

or knows of where i could get some i would be really grateful

i think some people call them STARRY NIGHT CICHLID.

kind regards WILD4CICHLIDS

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Respect the fact that people pay for bandwidth - do not post any image on the forums without the permission of the owner, and do not hotlink to pictures on other sites. It is illegal to steal bandwidth.

no wonder they are hard to find....

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Yes they are around.

I have a breeding pair but am keeping them.

I also have around 200 fry but they won't be ready for a couple of months.

If you keep looking you will find some.


hi there

was there anything hard about keeping these fish like do they do well in community tank or better on there own.

Also breeding how hard was that i have good success so far with my breeding program of other cichlids and hope to do well with these fish also. Any hints would be great Would also be interested in some of your fry when they are ready as i would love to start a breeding colony of my own with these cichlids

so keep me posted

kind regards wild4cichlids

p.s thanks for your reply and interest very grateful

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I have found them an easy fish to keep but I have only kept the pair in their own tank & have not tried any other fish with them.The male can get rather agressive so the female needs somewhere to hide.

They were not hard to get to breed but ate there eggs within 2 days of spawning.They have spawned several times & only once that I have manged to get any fry.

They are a substrate spawner & lay several hundred eggs the eggs are not adhesive but form a large clump about the size of a golf ball.

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Aquariums@Asquith has quite a few juveniles in stock around the 6cm mark.


Thanks heaps bruce

i went to aquariums@asquith and purchased a couple of them and got hold of another one from a ACE member

and WOW they look great thanks again for your help very grateful


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