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fry price


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$5 ea or less for x10 ??? @ about 3cm

You did say at about 3cm????

which i think is to small to move on

About !! could mean 2/4 so thats why i posted $5

Your right at 4+ they maybe worth $15

but one would want a discount at x 10

And you can only sell what buyers will buy

So if they are flying out the door they must be too cheap

But if they dont sell they must be overpriced for that market

Easy i think,, but thats me

Cheers John

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$5 a peice i dont think so mate they are not a yellow or maingano

when my mate had them he was selling them at$15_20 a fish at 3-4 cm sand was pumping them out the door.

its obvious with the lack of replys no one knows what they are worth so i think i will stick to that price.


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The fry price will be dictated by the demand in the market regardless of the 'rare' label.

Rare can mean endangered in the wild or new to the country or maybe difficult to breed as well as a variety of other reasons.

Your fish are mbuna and will breed easily enough for anyone that has them so their dollar value will not sustain high for a long period of time.

If you have fry to sell, set a price and if the buyers are interested they will pay your price :) if not you can adjust accordingly.

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