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Metriaclima callainos


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Hey Mooks,

Nice looking colony, great size :thumb

I dont think I have ever seen these in LFS here on the Coast - I dont get to stores in Sydney too often.

Are they also kingsizei 'Lupingu' in with them?



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ummm. is there a yellow fish in with the cobalts? If so I have never seen a cobalt male that color! <_< mmm I'll check my old photos of my colony and the books? OR is that a barlowi?

its a male kingsizei lupingu. right jim?

theres 2 colonys in the tank.

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1 male and 22 females.

Nice clean looking tank. I also breed these fish (in the hundreds/thousands) and with this same sort of ratio also. Be wary though as I have lost a couple of a males for no other reason than I can figure out other than the boy plain wore himself out. What a way to go I say, but dead is dead. I am trying with two males now, hoping sharing the load will reduce the strain/effort.

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