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Hi guys i just bought sum fish of a friend and have forgotten theirs names.

The females look like a saluosi or msobo but the male has the colour of a cobolt with sum black bars and a red blaze on his chest and top fin , any help would be appreciated thanks for looking. :thumbup:

Cheers Gino :thumb

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hey gino

a picture might be handy bit hard to go off your description...

The problem is the fish i have are still young and the males are now changing from orange to blue colour

http://pets.webshots.com/photo/2248958500049813511WkCPHW they look like the fish in the pic but the male that i saw had a little red in him

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The fish pictured in my post are not in question. They are Tropheops chilumba. The picture is not of gino123456's fish, but a picture I posted to try and identify the fish in his description.

It might be just me but I can't pick any difference between tropheops and pseudotropheus eyes.

Are you sure you don't mean Tropheus?

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