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Help with sexing bristlenose. PIC INCLUDED


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Just got this b/n was wondering if it was male or female it seems female as it is quite large and has little bristles but seems to have a ridge along the top of its head like a male.

Any help will be appreciated.

IPB Image

IPB Image

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Hi Goliath

You will have to get a pic of its underbelly against the glass and post it up.


looking at the shape of the body I would guess at a male as females tend to be rounder at the belly and the males have more of a straight line down to the tale. HTH ;)

cheers dusty

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A male with not very big.......er bristles

Thankyou for the albino fry Holly :)

My vote is still female but, the photo seems to make the head thicker then it actually is and there are really not many signs of any bristles. Maybe we have a shemale ie thailand bristlenose :p

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10cm plus. around 12cm

zilfin votes female too. The picture sort of makes you lean towards male but.

Its very hard to tell with this fish.

I just got a pair of commons of dobbin (cheers mate) and looking at the female he gave me it is a female.

Still never know.



hi, can I ask how long it is?

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At that size ,,female ,, needs a good feed,,,,as you can see with your new male the bristles on top

You will not ,,,never know,,, after she breds Mate

Glad your happy, and plenty of fry coming you way i would say

Cheers John

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If there are any bristles along the centre of the head as in draw a line from the snout through the eyes it's male, otherwise most likely female, a good shot of the genital papillia will tell for sure :thumbup:



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If you look at 1st pic

no bristles !!!

2nd pic all small and on the lower jaw

So female

AsYalost says bristles up nose to eyes = male

It is 10/12cm they say.

so should be at least a year old +

the uprased on the head you can see are the nose

dont seeany bristles or a catties this size

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