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Video-tour of my fishroom


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Have the N.cylindricus bred for you?

sort of.....

I bagged up the trio from the top tank last saturday morning to send them off to auction because they were just wasting tank space, not breeding etc.... and while moving the rocks around to catch the last one I noticed some baby fry.

So they got to stay and I sold off a spare female from each tank.

I think the ones in the lower tank have fry at the moment or at least are thinking about it because the bristlenose in the tank are being picked on pretty badly if they show their heads outside of their own caves.

Just wondering what websie did you use for the hosting of your videos?

There are two: site-1 is my own; it only has 1Mbit outbound capacity so I parked copies on site-2 which is just a user site in the iinet complex, ie the kind of webspace you get for having an account with your ISP.

Have they held up ok for people tryign to access them? I have relatively high speed connectiosn to both so can't really judge how they work for other folk.

If I can borrow the camera again I'll try to create some smaller video sequences for particular tanks/species and one on the fishroom construction, plumbing etc

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Is the electricity bill over the top?

I try not to think of such things or it takes the enjoyment out of it :-)

There is a fair bit of lighting around the room but that is by choice. The lighting circuit includes a timer in series with 5 separately switched circuits; 4 go to the ceiling to three banks of 4 foot flouros (one is not wired in hence the 3 vs 4 mismatch) and one is used for all the overt-tank lighting. If I was energy conscious there's enough light from one or perhaps two of the ceiling flouros using say 80 watts.

I recently switched to the other extreme and added the over-tank lights and only turn the ceiling lights on occasionally as the fish are less conscious of me when they're in the light and I'm in the dark plus it's just plain better viewing and the room is for me not them :-)

That unfortunately bumps the power consumption for lighting up to about 360 watts.

The lights are on for a 12 hour cycle from 1PM to 1AM to suit my timetable.

The heating and cooling is a wall hung reverse cycle unit on the end wall that has a power consumption rating of 650 watts when cooling and 840 watts but I'm not sure what it actually uses on average as it's significantly overrated for the room and gets to spend a fair bit of the time idling and is off during much of the day.

There are also a few submersible heaters in the ground level catfish tanks; say 250 watts worth but operating for say 50% of the time max.

There's about 500 watts worth of water and air pumping going on; I could and eventually will reduce that by replacing some of my older power hungry units with laguna pumps.

In the wintertime I will run two extra 250 watt heaters in the waterchange tanks so there isn't as much ice in 'em for waterchanges (I have two 1000L tanks for conditioning water out the back of the garage in an unsealed but fairly well protected structure. They're insulated as well as I could but it gets darned cold here)

So that's another 500 watts operating for about 5 months a year

Giving a grand total of around 33 KW Hours or $4 per day; $1500/year.

I haven't paid that much attention to it but based on casual observation of my electricity bills that's about right.

If I switched back to the room lighting instead of tank lighting and switched some pumps over to lower power units I could trim this back to an average of 27KH hours/day and save maybe 75c/day or $300/year

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Great fishroom and selection of fish Laurie.

You have obviously put alot of work into it.

Thanks for showing :thumbup:

With that amount of fish, how often do you do water changes on your sumped systems?



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Thanks Laurie. Very nice. An enjoyable 7 minutes. :clap

I downloaded the 9Mb first, from site 1, thought it was only black and white. So I then decided to go for the 84Mb from site 2. No problems with either.

Turns out someone had turned my video controls back to zero. :wub

Wow :lol4: both colour but 84Mb better quality. Leaves us wanting more!! Hopefully you can get the camera again and do the other videos.



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With a voice like that, you could be a phone sex operator. Haha.

Just kidding.

Nice room mate. Kept my eyes wide open for a few minutes.

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With a voice like that, you could be a phone sex operator. Haha.

He is Just dial 1300 chorry and there you go ;) Oops I have said too much :zipit:

Great vid Laurie I must come down to see how the WC kits have settled in. Not to mention how those new dividers went. :thumb



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WOW must have cost you a small fortune.

yep I guess so... but tell me a hobby/sport/pasttime that doesn't end up costing a fortune *sigh*.

I learnt fairly early on that keeping records of what I spent was a bad idea so most of the time I can be oblivious to it :-)

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