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EY scratching on the gravel


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I bought my EYs 2 weeks ago and put it into tank 1. Then a couple of days later transferred to tank 2 to cycle it. A few days ago, noticed that the EYs were ocassionally swimming sideways on the gravel before coming back up normal again. There is also a pleco in tank 2 as well. They are all eating well. The males have also been shaking/vibrating in front of the female (i suppose getting ready to breed). Enough activity in the tank that doesnt make me think that they are sick except for the sideswipping on the gravel. Couldnt see any distinctive white spots.

What should I do? The EYs and pleco are cycling the tank for my 20 tropheus frys that will be arriving in 2 weeks. Do i need to treat them? What do i treat them with? Or is this normal behaviour for EYs?

The water parameters are:

gH 12

kH 10

pH 8.6

NH3 0.1 (just starting the nitrogen cycle) I have also been adding Seachem stability from the start for 7days and at every water change.

NO2 0.0

Nitrates - Dont know

Water temp - approx 26C

Water changed approx 120L out of 277L for Tank 2 each week.



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Add some salt and bump the temp up to 30deg. White spot cant survive at 30+ degrees.

Plenty of discussions on white spot. Have a read :-)

Certain strands of Whitespot can but none can survive heavy salt treatment PLUS heat. 'Flashing' is normal for Cichlids, so unless you see some actual white spots present then hold off on your treatment. I got through an infestation on my display tank only a fortnight or so ago and this was my treatment method.

50% Waterchange straight up, increased heat gradually over about six hours to 30-31 degrees, and treated with Freshwater Aquarium Salt at 1gm/L (the recommended dosing on the packaging), as well as starting a treatment of Waterlife Protozin.

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