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Media for Eheim 2250/2260


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I am about to setup a 6 x 2 x 2.5 tank for discus and eartheaters. I have the cabinet and am about to buy the tank and I have finally decided to go with 2 x Eheim cannisters (either 2250 or 2260) instead of a sump. I spent many hours researching which way to go regarding the filters and I decided on Eheim cannisters mainly due to the noise factor and stupid as it may seem the maintenance of the 2 x Eheim filters made my decision easier.

I like having something to do every month regarding cleaning the filters and if I had a sump I would have bugger all to do. Living in a unit gives me plenty of time to clean things and I also like eheim filters. I was also worried about the noise of the sump filter and I know that Eheim cannisters are whisper quiet.

The main question is what media does everyone recommend for the 2250 or 2260. Also is 2 x Eheim 2260 overkill for the 6 x 2 x 2.5 tank.

BTW I have a brand new never been used 4ft sump with 2 x spinning arms and bio balls for sale, offers welcome.



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