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New Tank


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Hey guys

Finally got a new tank, its a 6x2x.2.5. Im absolutely stoked!!!! Filtration is a sump which is pictured below.

IPB Image

This is going to be the first thing people see when they walk into my home so I was wanting some Ideas on how to make it the best display tank ever!!!!!

Little things that people have done and thought of before it is too late to change.

I have purchased black gravel and I am putting a dark blue background.

The fish that are going in are my 7 x 7bar Frontosa, 7 x Dolphins, 7 x Cuckoo Catfish, 7 x Julidochromis Ornatus.

Dont ask me how I ended up with 7 of each it just happened to be like that.

The frontosa are a decent size and the dolphins aren't far off.

Please give me feedback on what you guys think and any tips that you may have. I really want this to be a fantastic setup with no hastle.

thanks in advance


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put some doors at the bottom to cover sump

I agree - this makes such a difference! and will draw all the attention to your fish (even if your are justifiably proud of your sump :) )

In regards to the backdrop - you could consider making it yourself if buying enough for your tank would be too costly.

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