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Is It safe to use it in aquarium?


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Hi All,

I got a Hydor crystal R20 Duo II internal filter and today while I was doing my water change I've forgot to the turn the filter off and now the impellor is broken. In my desperate attempt I've used superglue and glue the impellor back together. My question is, is it safe to reuse it after soaking in the water for few days?

Word of warning nothing buy brand that is hard to find replacement parts. :cryblow:



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The glue is safe but I doubt it'll hold.

People use super glue to glue down coral frags (which is a much more sensative environment than freshwater) and as a substitute for stiches in humans & other animals. Seriously it is plenty safe

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Not just vets,

I use it all the time if I cut myself at work or at home. Works a treat :lol1: . If you can close up the cut quickly enough (before it gets a chance to get dirty), it will heal in half the time than if using bandaids etc.

I think it would be fine in the aquarium in small amounts. Once it cures, I doubt it would leach anything into the water.

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