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BN's eating my anubias!?

Out of Africa

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Hi all,

I bought 3 x 2cm bns yest afternoon. I have a densely planted 4 ft standard tank with lots of driftwood and some visible algae. I checked out the tank today and I noticed algae had been eaten but there were quite a few holes in my anubias!

Is this normal? They did have food apart from my anubias in the way of algae.

Would sailfin plecos do the same? I want to get these instead!

Thanks for the help :thumb

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Sounds more than possible but I wouldn't be overly concerned as Anubias is an incredibly tough plant. If you find they continue to destroy the leaves you may want to feed them zucchini/cucumber/pumpkin or even algae wafers as although my experience doesn't cover this, I have read that they will eat plants when hungry.

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