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April Major Auction


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Hi Guys,

Can you pls confirm that the major action is on Saturday 5 April 2008.

Is it appropriate to advise what fish can be expected?

I suppose the normal blue, yellow, BN and more common peusdotropheus variants?

Rgds, Mike

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Were is the auction being held at and what time is it being run?

Mar 10th 2008 @ 11:14 Post #1

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When: Saturday 5 April 2008

Those who have secured their lots book in time is between 12:00pm and 1:15pm - All Lots have been issued.

Auction starts 2:00pm

Where: Nuwarra Public School, Mckay Ave Moorebank

You can download the rules here http://www.nswcs.org.au/content/.

Entering Lots:

Don't forget to pack 8 bags per foam box and number them from 1-8. This will ensure our auction steward will select lots in the correct order so that equity in our auction process can be achieved. There will be a 2 stage scrutineering process adopted at this auction. Your bags will be checked and their contents scrutinised for correct identification and health of the fish. Due to their special needs large fish are not to be placed in buckets but should be double bagged in suitable large bags and fish known to be aggressive in nature bagged individually. In the second stage your paperwork will be checked off and your fish moved to the holding area.

Please help us out and ensure that all 'book in' sheets are completed using both the scientific and common names (you may access a species list from our Website. Although the site is a work in progress the species list there may assist you with this task). This allows your fish to be entered into the database and if available a photo will be displayed. This is important not only for the sellers but also for the buyers wanting to see what a fish typically looks like.

Time will be saved if the correct procedures are taken from the start, otherwise you will have to correct the problem before the lots will be accepted and this may delay the start of the auction. The welfare of the livestock is paramount for the club, remembering that we would like the best conditions possible over a day that may see the fish bagged for 15 hours or more.

Remember if you are selling fish please do not feed them 24-48 hours before bagging them. Also remember to add some Prime or an equivalent and if at all possible please use O2.

Tape over labels on bags with wide clear tape and add lot number with permanent marker.

Mulitiple bags to be placed inside a larger bag or securely taped around as well as across from the top to bottom of bags using wide clear tape ..not household sticky tape.


There will be no viewing of the lots due to the mishandling of fish in previous auctions and for the welfare of the livestock in general. There have been a considerable number of complaints regarding this matter. The auctioneers will be only to happy to describe the lots for you as they come up, a photo wherever possible will be displayed during the auction and the runners can show you the fish throughout the process as well We know that you will understand our reasons for not allowing this practice to continue.

Who can sell fish?

Only financial members with allocated lots may sell their fish at our Major Auctions. Unfortunately new members joining on the day are unable to sell any fish, but are most welcome to grab a bargain

Bidders cards for visitors will incur a $5 fee.


Bagging Station and Trade Table

If you need to rebag your purchases you can do so for $1 at the bagging station.

Bill and Lena will be manning the O2 and bagging station for the auction and the Trade Table will also be in operation


The auction will start at 2pm sharp at Nuwarra Public School, McKay Ave. Moorebank, and is for fish, or aquarium related products only.

All items to be auctioned must be booked in between 12:00 noon and 1:15pm

All lots must be adequately marked with the name and number of fish, plus the reserve price if any.

Fish lots that are not labelled with the correct name of the fish or without a name will be immediately passed in.

- A total maximum of Three (3) lots of non cichlid species.

¨ All fish must be in bags, no fish will be accepted in buckets or other containers

Fish must be properly bagged. A charge of $1 will be payable where it is necessary to add oxygen or to re- bag the lot.

All bids will be in whole dollar units. Bids will be in minimum amounts of $1 increments from $1 to $20. $2 increments from $20 to $50. $5 increments beyond $50 and $10 bids after $100.

If anybody is interested in assisting the committee on the day, please make yourself known to us. Without the help of our volunteers the major auctions would not be as successful or enjoyable as they are for both members and visitors and of course your committee.

The committee looks forward to seeing you all on the day

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to know more about this special day for the NSWCS either through this site or http://www.nswcs.org.au/content/.

Kind regards,

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Aline Sinclair

0404 489 445



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that's a lot of stuff to carry to the auction and hope someone buys it !

a few years ago there were two tanks/stands for sale and the price was only 100 to 150 , buy they no sale at that price , they kept offering them thought the night , and were sold later for very cheap .does anyone rember those two tanks ?

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