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Advice with Frontosa


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here is a pic of my 4x2x2 tank.

I have 7 x 7bar frontosa in it and dont get to see much of them. There are a lot of fish in the tank.

Do I have too many rocks and would the amount of fish in there bother the frontosa??????

I also have a aquaone MG-1200 light, do the fronts hate this??

I would really like to get the best out of the Fronts cause they are my favourite fish.

any advise would be great

IPB Image

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I know it doesn't help, but I've got 8 Burundi's about 6cm in a 6x2x2 with lots of other

Malawis and a couple of other Tangs and they are out all the time.

How many fish do you have in total? I've got about 25-30 all up with Tropheops, Hongi, Crimson Tide, Brichardi, Aulonocara, Maingaino, Fuelleborni, Red Jewel plus a couple of bristlies

( and a red tail black shark we've kept for ages :wub ).

I've found moving a couple of species to species only tanks, they hide a lot more.

Safety in numbers :dntknw:


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G'day mate,

For now thw 4x2x2 will do but it is definatelly too small for 7 Fronts. I have 6 fronnies in my 5x2x2 and they are just happy enough ( mind you mine are mostly over 25 cms ).

The lighting would ned to be minimalistic to not stun them too much or try to put it on during the lighter hours so they don't go from dark to light too much.

As for rocks it looks good, stick more in if you can! I have about 32 round river stones stacked up sizes vary from 15 - 35 cms for the rocks so it's alot of hidy holes.

I have also noticed my fronts come out more when I turn my filters off! ? they hover around and it looks great , so try to perhaps redirect or change your powerhead for a canister and face the spray bar against the glass to minimise flow ( worth a try )

Hope this helps,


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thanks guys for your input.

What does it mean when my fronies are really dark. Sometimes they are nearly black??

I do have a lot of fish in the tank,

14 shelldwellers,

7 dolphins,

7 cuckoo catfish,

5 electric yellows,

white female calvus,

So do you think that the tank would be too small for just the fronts and the dolphins? its 4x2x2.5

i think ill have to find new homes for the other guys

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MaryB wrote:

What does it mean when my fronies are really dark. Sometimes they are nearly black??
Stress! In your case.

The hiding, the great number of fish, lighting, water flow all affect the fish in 1 way or another.

Lighting looks as though it is a tad bright. You can add a dimmer to it, it would be perfect.

I would turn off the powerhead for a while & see the fishes reaction. That way you would know if flow is a prob, thereby adjustin it. I don't think it should be that bad, although I had a prob. like that with a 6fter before & solved it that way.

Stating the above, I failed to mention water parameters, are they good?


Symphy ;)

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