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Adopted fry


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Hi all, I've got a 3ft tank with a pair of caudos and 4 blue occies (1m:3f). The caudos and 2 of the 3 female occies breed, but it just so happened at this occasion that all three had fry emerge from shells within 1 day of each other.

As it turns out all of the caudo fry have joined up with one of the female occies and her fry. The mum occies doesn't seem to notice, but the caudos were paying her a little extra attention.

So far so good with them so I'll see how the blended family pans out.

Anyone else experienced something like this?


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Hi Bruce

Thats fantastic too here :thumbup:

It is known of some fish breeders to give fry from 1pr(egg/fry eaters) to another

The pair which don't eat the fry added are called foster parents

Congrats on the newbies


Symphy ;)

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