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2 problems


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hey everyone just after some info and advice

firstly i have noticed some strange little worms in my bristlenose breeding tank

they are about 1 cm in length whiteish in colour and appear to have a head(slightly larger diameter than body and a couple of mm long along the body) ythey sorta look like sperm :B

secondly i have a fronnie who is very un happy he/she has gone very dark in colour has a slight cloudiness to the eyes and spends most of the time just hanging around the bottom of the tank. it has been eating and water parameters are ok all the other fish in tank are ok.

cheers JD

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If you have planaria I'd be doing some water changes & severe gravel vaccing - they are harmless themselves but they are a sign of high nitrates

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thanks for the replies folks, i did a search on planaria and they don't seem to be what these fellows are.

most of the sites describe them as flat worms that appear on the glass, these guys dont appear to be flat or attach themselves to the glass they are actually free swimming.

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What is your water parameters?

Ph ?

Ammonia ?



I would be pretty sure your water isnt good. Nitrates should be less than 40ppm preferably with zero ammonia and nitrites.

The worms usually live in the substrate but they're telling you that somethings wrong when they come out of the gravel.

You should check them all again

cheers Giz :)

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It's Planaria. I've never had them before but they can appear as both flat slimy worms that appear on the glass, or small white worms with a visible head.

IPB Image

Usually a sign of overfeeding. Feed a little less every day and increase the consistency of your water changes and they will disappear on their own. Either way they are harmless.

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