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Surprise in the tank!


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Bought two Julies a months ago and placed them in my 6ft tank Malawi/Tanganika set up. To my surprise today I found that the pair has bred and I can already see some well grown fry (about 12 to 15) swimming above the sand. The Parents are protecting them very well and give a hard time to any other fish coming a bit too close...

I will leave them this time in the tank and see what will happen (probably will be eaten as snack by the other fishes).

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good work!

i had some of these guys in a small african community in a 3ft.

theyre great to watch, you'll never know when theyve laid until u see babies and the best thing is that the older babies are tolerated by parents and dont attack younger siblings. the parents will guard them really well 2. i had new free swimming fry with some 1 and 2cm juveniles and never had any problems

good luck!


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I don't have too much illusions on the fate of the fry in my community tank...Most likely the juvenile Aulonocaras will see an opportunity for a free good snack :(

I have tried to catch a few babies but they are too fast for me and quickly hide under the rocks for protection.

I might isolate the pair in a breeding tank in the future.

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