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how big n how much ?


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Ive been keeping/breeding

electric yellows (lions cove)

electric blues


Dimidiochromis compressiceps "malawi eyebiter"

Placidochromis phenochilus 'Tanzania'

I was wondering, what length would be safe to sell the fry? and how much i should sell them for?

cheers Brett

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By the prices i saw up your way you should be able to do better than $ cm

I think 4+cm for size of selling the fry

Most LFS like them 4/5cm

I would just pop in to your local shop and have a chat

Some trade for other fish,some give credit, if your lucky some will give $$$$$'s

I have no trouble getting rid of E/ blues, E/yellows 4+ cm $5/6

Dimi's a bit harder

and Placidochromis should be a good seller

Hope helps

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I get store credit or cash from one of the LFS in Townsville for electric yellows - it is paying for my next reef tank

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