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random fish pics


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Hey mate,

You need to create your own album in the 'My controls' link up the top. ^^

Upload your photos into your new album.

Paste image into your post by copying the URL.

EDIT: Just found that you already have a gallery.

Go into your gallery, find the image you want, right click --> Properties.

About half way down the page is the image address URL. Highlight this address --> copy (ctrl c).

In your new post select 'insert image' (little tree on the toolbar) --> paste (ctrl v)

You will see a code like this --> %7Boption%7Dhttp://www.aceforums.com.au/uploads/1202556550/med_gallery_11130_175_64122.jpg[/ img]

Submit your post and the image will show.

Jeppry's White Calvus

IPB Image

Cool fish :clap

Check out this topic for more details




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nah not for awhile yet ... the pic i posted of the calvus was sent to me from a mate ill be getting fry off in a few months .. so keen to get the tangs goin tho ...

what fish do you keep/breed ?

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