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My new discus

Willy Wombat

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Low quality image.

They took a long time to settle but they are getting there. They still spaz out on me every now and then (quite a site)

IPB Image

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they look great. how big are they? also, what variant is the orange/red one?

Hi Gav Red ones are about 7-9cm the other two are about 12-14cm

Im not sure on the varients but I would say the red ones look live some sort of red melon, maybe a red golden diamond?

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Fantastic fish Steve What soze tank and filtration do you have I am considering a planted discus tank for something a little different.



They are in the 300L curved glass sun sun system (about 3 foot). Im only using the trickle filter in the hood of the tank (incorporating ceramic noodles and activated charcoal).

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