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Tank mates with Calvus


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Hi All

I am cycling my new tank the good ole fashion way, with a fish.

My first tank has 12 Calvus and 1EY(had 3 but 2 died). I am preparing my second tank for 20 tropheus frys.

I have got myself a pleco 10cm and was suggested by a friend, congo tetras. I am happy to use this method as it has worked for him many times but if possible, would like to use cichlids as they will go back into the first tank. Budget is another factor.

Should I just get the congo tetras x4 or EY even. Or is there other options?

Thanks all



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Personally i wouldn’t use any fish that you’re not prepared to lose. A new/cycling tank is inevitably hard on fish, and the species mentioned are reasonably sensitive. It might be better to choose cheaper hardier fish. But ultimately it’s up to you, there are methods of minimising ammonia & nitrite spikes and there is lots of info on the topic on this website. A search on ‘cycling’ will reveal a wealth of material to read.

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