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Breeding clown loach


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ive got two clown loach that are around 12-15 cm and of lately they have been constantly chasing each other. They chase each other around and they end up both diving into a small hollow log. In here they spend maybe 50% of their time?

Whats the verdict.

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Never heard of anyone breeding them!!!!

But I've been wrong before???

As far as I'm aware, there have been a couple of claimed breedings, but they haven't been backed up by evidence such as photo's and video's.

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My brother has breed them in his tank once. He wasn't trying to but they breed. the fish would have been 7-8 inches.

I don't have any photos to back this up. You will just have to trust me :huh:


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I love clown loaches.

Have group of 8 two big one about 18 cm and 13cm with 6 in 10-12 cm size.

All live happily in 5x2x2.

Does anyone have tip to make them hand feed.

They always to swim around and play but still run away when I approaching the tank.

Thanks for the tips.

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all animals will respond to a routine and a control. in order for you to make a close bond with the clown loaches start feeding them at around the same time every day.

this might sound a bit cruel but this is what i did to train my damsel "salt water fish" to swim into a coffee mug.

i started out by only feeding every 2nd day. this obviously made the fish hungry and as such responded to the food and didnt even care who was around. i then changed one thing a week until i got the result i wanted. which was to get the damsel top swim into the mug and i would lift him out of the tank :thumb

try following the steps below on your loaches.

1. find out what sort of food they cant resist.

2. start to feed once a day at the same time. (for the first few weeks make it every second day)

3. try to be alone when you do it. (kids etc make it harder)

4. feed the loaches and then sit back about 2-3m or so. the room light must be on so that they can see you.

5.keep doing this for a week or 2.

6. every week to fortnight move your postition closer. its easyier to sit on a stool and move it.

7. the loaches will get use to you being there and to the point that when they see you set up your stool they will no they are getting food.

8.it may take weeks months or longer but eventually you will be face to face with the loaches.

9. next you have to change something else. only little changes at a time is the key.

10. stand right up close to the tank and look into it from the top. feed like this until the loaches are comfortable eating with you in this position.

11. again once they are comfortable. a little change. dip your fingers in while you feed. (dont hold the food)

12. once they are comfortable put you whole fingers in while feeding (dont hold onto the food, you only want them to get use to your hand being there)

13. if you can get them to this point its only a matter of time before they recognise your hand being inthe water as a source of food. (remember they dont really like you... its all about the food)

14. the next step may take a long time. use your judgement when feeding. hold onto the food for longer. let them call the shots not you. persistance is the key here

15. feed your loaches by hand :thumb

the key is time, patience and persistance. just remember the food is the control. dont change the food. all other changes must be minor and one at a time. it will happen just wait.

good luck with it all and if you keep at it im sure within a few months you will be telling/showing (with pics) us all about your clown loaches which eat from your hand.




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Man you must have some time to spare??? But true,

Come to think of it, I notice if i've been away for a few days my C/Ls will come to the

top of the tank to feed, most times they stay at the bottom and eat the food that drops to the bottom.

Good luck

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My old clown loaches always ate frozen foods from my hands. They did it from day one.

As for breeding I have never heard of it in aquariums. I heard somewhere that either the male or female has the end of the tail fin on top and bottom point inwards a little bit. This was in a large specimen. I am not sure if it is true but i remember reading about it when researching the clown loach.

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I never was aware that they live so long.

I've had Clown Loaches but never lived longer that 6/7 years.

& biggest being about 15cm.

But living to 50 years,

what do others think?

Intresting read.


breeding clown loaches in an aquarium

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well i have seen some massive clown loaches before they were the bigger then a full grown oscars (length and fatness) and this tank had like 8 of them! and they were all sleeping! lol i mean that literally, on their side, on top of each other... it was so cute :)

I have never heard of 50 year old fish but i was told most tanganikans live to 15-20 years etc, although not related some turtles can live over 150 years!

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