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co2 system


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Is it possible to just fill a BBQ gas bottle with co2?

Also does anyone know where i can get a co2 regulator and bubble counter from. I have found some pricey ones but surely there are some diy versions out there using bunnings bits?

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do NOT use a bbq gas bottle for co2! co2 is stored in a very high pressure cylinder, the bbq bottle does not come anywhere near. :shock:

For a co2 regulator, check out the sponsers, particularly age of aquariums. Otherwise if you want to save $5, try ebay. Look for co2/argon regulators.

Bubble counters can be made by getting a glass jar, put two hoses in the lid and seal it up. One hose is longer inside the jar. Fill the jar with some water so that the longer hose is submersed, and the other is not. Done. Cheap DIY bubble counter.


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