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Quick growth food


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Hi all,

I am after any ideas or methids that people have that will make fish grow at a faster rate. I have a decent number of cichlids and bristlenose that are not much bigger than 3-4cm. I have had some for a while and they do not seem to grow quickly at all.

I feed them daily and they are feed on cichlid sinking pellets, floating pellets, flakes, bloodworms, cichlid dinner and beefheart all on a daily basis. Sometimes they have a couple of feeder fish and also algue pelletsonce in a while.

They are all well feed and are housed in a 6x2x2 tank.

Any ideas?



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Hey Andy,

It seems like you feed them a good variety of foods (I would drop the beef heart though) and no doubt you will receive some NLS advice however I think patience and water quality is the key for your tank.

What sizes and age are the fish now? You certainly have an interesting mix of cichlids. A couple of things to consider is some of these fish prefer different water parameters so this may be slowing their growth rates also overcrowding and or having one or two dominant cichlids may slow the growth rate of others, plenty of hiding places would help this a little.

How about a tank shot or two?



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Im not sure how it would go with the cichlids, but i feed my goldies and guppies(the pellets crumbled) a commercial aquaculture complete feed that is designed for growth...

This is the only place i know of that sells it in small quantities http://www.thefishfarm.com.au/product.asp?pID=76&cID=11

$1 per 100grams, is heaps cheaper than any other food that i know of

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Yep, here comes the NLS advice :).

Just a bit of background. I have Tropheus, I do 50% weekly water changes. The water I change is aged in a drum. I add salts and buffers to the drum and it is aerated. My tanks also have very adequate filtration.

Therefore, the water quality is quite good.

I used to feed my colony OSI Spirulina Flake. When I did they were very healthy.

I switched to NLS about 3 years ago. One thing I did notice was the big increase in growth compared to when they were on flake.

Moral of the story, I believe OSI and NLS are both great foods. Very soon, I plan on feeding my colony both of these foods.

If you want quick growth rates however, NLS will do this for you. The fish really go nuts for it too.


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I've had good results from NLS grow for my fry and NLS cichlid for my juvies and up.

But also regular water changes, 10% every 2-3 days(which I don't have time to do)for

fry and 10% weekly for older fish seems to work wonders.


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