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Ahh crap!


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Hello Friends!

i came home to find a krib hiding under a rock gasping and looks like the scales are not siting propley, they seem to be standing up slightly also she seems a bit fat i thourght she might be ready to lay some eggs untill i found her this way, i have another 20 fish in there, geos and more kribs and every one else seems to be doing fine, i took some tests and every thing looks normal,


amoinia 0

nitrite 0

sorry don't have any more test kits

any help would be great! thanks

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In my experience....once it gets to the stage where the scales are protuding the Best solution is to remove the infected fish and put it out of it's misery.....and hope it's not TB causing it....as there may be others to follow.

I spent a lot of money over the years attempting to cure fish like this....never been sucessful!

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